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University of Padua

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of September 2015

Central Palace "Bo"

ISA-RC55 Mid-term conference

Satellite Meeting of the SIS 2015 Conference “Statistics and Demography: The Legacy of Corrado Gini”


Final conference of the Project “Methodology of composite indicators and their use for the evaluation
of performance of municipalities and universities”


Presentation and objectives of the conference

The globalized world in which we live is characterized by complex human and social phenomena, like well-being, human development, environmental sustainability, welfare, etc., whose conditions determine the progress of the society.

At the same time, data availability and technical opportunities increase day by day.  The need of effective synthesis of data, based on robust conceptual and methodological framework is even more evident.

In the last ten years, the methodology of multivariate analysis and synthetic indicators construction significantly developed. In particular, starting from the classical theory of composite indicators many interesting approaches have been developed to overcome the weaknesses of composites.

The Conference will focus on recent developments in synthesizing indicators and, more generally, in quantifying complex phenomena. The workshop will also  identify important problems and new research directions in the field of social indicators.

The final program is now available:

The papers will be considered for publication in Social Indicator Research journal (


Session proposal and abstract submission is closed.

For more information, please contact the Organizing team:

Important dates

 20th March, 2015: closing call for sessions/papers

 30th April, 2015: Opening registration.

 31th July, 2015: Closing early registration

 10th September, 2015: Closing registration

 17th-18th September, 2015: Conference